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Research lines

Research Line 1: Literature, Culture and Society

This research line gives support and also investigative and programmatic organization to the area of concentration in Literary Studies. The research focuses on the study of the relations between literature and culture, opening to a theoretical-critical process of studying the literary from the interlocution with other artistic systems and human knowledge: anthropology, psychoanalysis, teaching, religion, history, politics, sociology, law and arts. Hence, we invest in the possibility of studying the literary phenomenon from the construction of identities, memory and symbolic spaces, seeking to understand the interactions among social, artistic and cultural practices. Thus, we seek to accompany and reflect on the dimensions of the debate around traditional and contemporary themes of literature and culture, from the perspective of the production of knowledge about literature based on observable manifestations in the Brazilian and international contexts.

Research Line 2: Applied Linguistics: Teacher training and language teaching and learning

This research  line aims to study theoretical and empirical questions about teacher education and language teaching and learning (first/foreign/additional) within Applied Linguistics, focusing on the following common aspects in different projects that integrate the line: teacher training, emotions, motivation, identities and teachers and students’ beliefs regarding the learning of first, foreign and/or additional languages, LIBRAS teacher training and LIBRAS teaching and learning, acquisition and development of additional languages.

Research Line 3: Text and Discourse studies

This research line combine discourse and text approaches, reflecting the diverse nature of these objects and the multiple interests that are projected in them, as well as the variety of theoretical and methodological premises adopted for their treatment. It focuses on research around discursive practices, such as: academic, publicity, politics, journalistic, juridical, religious, digital, scientific communication, among others, considering the linguistic, argumentative, psychosocial, critical and sociocognitive dimensions. Studies that reflect on the relations between reading and text production in multimodal and interactionist perspectives are also emphasized.


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